Congratulations, Steph and Felix!

Congratulations to Steph and Felix Scholz, who celebrated their marriage on a stormy Friday (the 13th) last month, in Rochester, Minnesota! Despite funnel cloud sightings, torrential rain, siren warnings, and a lock-down at the Apache mall, where Steph and her bridesmaids were having their hair done, they valiantly pulled off a most-beautiful wedding. As the lights reflected vividly against the glass walls of the Rochester Arts Center, they danced the night away to old ’50’s and ’60’s hits. Many thanks going out to Steph, Felix, their families, and friends, for welcoming Emily and I to your celebration, and for entrusting us to document this special occasion!


2 responses

  1. Jean

    Corina! These are great photos taken from such a fresh perpective. Fantastic work. Candid, direct, clearly reflect the personalities of the wedding party and families. Jean

    September 14, 2010 at 17:36

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