Family Time

Looking out my window today at the glowing orange, red, and golden yellow Minnesota fall vista, in the park across the street from our house, my thoughts wander back through this fleeting summer we just came through… Tom and I were fortunate enough to have many precious family visits over the summer, spending long weekends and an occasional week with loved ones around Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our families stretch across the globe, all over the United States, to England and Russia, and when you are lucky enough to have family visiting from such distant regions, a four hour car drive doesn’t seem so bad.

In the spirit of the dwindling (or already gone?) summer, I share with you a few snapshots from a couple of memorable visits: a trip to Madison to meet our Russian in-laws, with family coming in from Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota (us!); and a family reunion in Perham, Minnesota, where my family gathered from all over Minnesota, Virginia, Utah, and Florida. I feel so privileged to have been able to share all of this time with people so dear to me, and hope for many more summers so full of reunions, laughter, frustration, sleepiness, excitement, memories, late nights and early mornings, and all the other experiences and emotions that we go through when we love others so dearly. Love going out to our many family members, wherever you are.


Making pesto

Translating traditional Russian folk songs.

A pie stop on our way home, at the Norske Nook...


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