About Cor & Em

We wholly commit ourselves to each project we receive. We collaborate with natural light to create beautiful, unique images for you. We unobtrusively document you, capturing moments of your experience. We strive for the highest standards artistically and professionally. Our work is a collaboration with you.

About Cor

Corina Bernstein has been looking at the world through a camera lens since the tender age of six, when she received her first Brownie camera. Her love affair with photography has been going strong for 21 years, though she graduated from her Brownie a number of years ago. Corina has photographed extensively nationally and internationally, from the Red River Valley to Tel Aviv, documenting events and travels through images that capture an essence of the people, places, and stories she encounters. Her studies in Literature and Photography at the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) strengthened her skills in the art of storytelling through images, and she looks forward to photographing your story. Corina lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her partner, Tom. Corina and Emily have been working together since their college days as art majors at UMM.

About Em

Emily Lyman was born an artist, inspired from a young age to paint and draw by the beauty of her home, on the north shore of Lake Superior. She began to refine her artistic skills at the University of Minnesota, Morris (where she first became friends with Cor) and continued her studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art, where she received her Masters of Fine Art. Emily excels at photographing from artistic, experimental angles that highlight the subject, making each client’s portfolio uniquely their own. She is currently pursuing a degree in web design, inspired by the potential of new technologies. Emily lives in Minneapolis with her partner Mel, their dog, three chickens and a berry patch.


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