Jonna & Peter

In my humble opinion, there are few things so beautiful and awe-inspiring in this world as a pregnant woman. It was my great pleasure to photograph one of these beauties, recently, only a few short weeks before she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, Elya. I went over to Jonna’s house one bright, crisp, fall morning, and took photos of her, her sweet and gracious partner, Peter, and their as-yet unborn babe. The light streamed in their bay window, offering my favorite kind of spotlight, and we collaborated to capture some really lovely moments. I am so honored to have been invited in to be a part of their pregnancy experience; congratulations to Jonna and Peter, and welcome into this world, Elya.

Jonna & Peter

The parents-to-be

Full portrait of Jonna (and Elya!)

Fall window light